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                   Hey y'all!

                            “Good art doesn’t match your furniture.”

Not my quote, but certainly my philosophy! Art is what makes our house our home, from our kindergarteners’ framed construction-paper projects hanging in the laundry room, to a vibrant antique quilt adorning a hallway wall, to a masterly portrait of a pelican that evokes memories of vacation rituals with the kiddos.

Compulsively creative, I began my journey with art at age 10, in an oil painting class at the local rec. I have sewed and painted my way through life, inexplicably driven to always be making something. (Except dinner.) I’ve had formal training abroad, in Florence, Italy, and at the College of Charleston.

I paint what speaks to me. I paint canvas, furniture, murals; anything that will allow me to slather it with color. My style ranges from whimsical illustration to loosely realistic paintings of nature:

animals, land and water scapes, and florals. 

Through painting I’ve learned to face (some of) my fears. I’ve learned to listen to my instincts, and trust myself. I feel compelled to paint, and do so with the hope that it will bring as much joy to the viewer as it does to me in creating it. 

I’d love to discuss your ideas, and welcome inquiries & commissions.

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