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Glass ornaments are individually hand-painted,
and both design and scrip may be customized for you and your occasion!
These whimsical coastal designs can be to be displayed all year 
on a mantle, shelf or dresser.
Commemorate life's milestones:
a birth, a family reunion, a party favor!
(Even a death; I've done numerous "In remembrance of..." ornaments!)
Please contact me for purchasing.

Coastal Designs

  • 2.625 inches (6.67cm) in diameter

  • Filled with sand, enhanced with luminous, microscopic glass beads and small seashells, primarily collected off the coast of South Carolina

  • Inscribed with one line of lettering, such as a family name or hashtag, and the year

  • Additional lines of lettering may be added for $3 per ornament

  • Great favors for a family reunion, holiday party, beach week, etc!

Commemorative Baby Ornaments
  • 3.25 inches (8.255 cm) in diameter
  • Personalized with baby's hair and eye color, and scripted with baby's full name, date of birth, weight and length at birth, and city of birth
  • Filled with bright pom-poms varying in size; typically the boys' ornaments are filled with shades of blue and green, and the girls' with shades of pink, and white
Commemorative Wedding Ornaments
  • 4 inches (10.25cm) in diameter
  • Front apparel can be slightly modified to reflect the couple's  attire and colors
  • Inscribed with the couple's name, their wedding hashtag, the date of the wedding, and the city where the ceremony was held
  • Filled with pom-poms reflecting the couple's colors, along with some "silver" metallic pompoms, if desired
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