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WasSUP, Mama?

Updated: Mar 17, 2021

Reverting to my college days, I pulled an all-nighter, painting WasSUP, Mama in the midst of Hurricane Dorian, September 4-5, 2019. I had told Tom earlier that summer, "We need to have the trees trimmed; some of those branches are too close to the house, we are more susceptible to storm damage, hurricane season is coming, blah blah blah..." As expected, my "badgering" (aka being a responsible, albeit a tad anal, homeowner) went unheeded.

The wind really started picking up around 8pm the evening of 9/4. We went to bed at the regular time; I was awakened around 2AM by the constant percussion of a tree branch against our bedroom window. After an hour or so of growing anxiety, not able to get back to sleep, I got up to paint. I figured I might as well get something done while we still had electricity.

I painted through the night, and went to bed when we lost power, around 9AM.

Tom's comment, when I got up later that afternoon..."I guess we should have probably had those trees trimmed." Ya think????

WasSUP Mama depicts the typical family...or at least, MY is it that Mom always ends up with the high-maintenance children, while Dad gets the perfect, sleeping angel?

Original donated to the Shawn Jenkins Women & Children's Hospital, MUSC. Charleston SC. Design purchased by the Town of Mt. Pleasant, SC; used to wrap a traffic signal box at the corner of Ben Sawyer and Center, as part of a community art initiative!

28x16" Gliceé available $250

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